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Build an Empire with Throne Rush


Have you dreamed of conquests that will make you the emperor of your own medieval fantasy world? Throne Rush offers players the opportunity to fight, create, and defend their own kingdom.

This real-time strategy (RTS) game is available on iOS, Android, and Facebook. There is also a download available for PC. Throne Rush, from Nexters Limited, is rated “E” for Everyone for mild fantasy violence.

In Throne Rush, players start at the bottom of the power hierarchy. You get a tiny village with just a few residents. The object is to conquer the enemies around you, take their territory and people, and build your buildings and holdings until you are the master of an empire.

Players grow their kingdoms by creating specific types of buildings. Throne Rush offers 20 buildings, including mills and granaries that will help you feed your growing population of people. You can also set up barns, mines, and a treasury. Players will also want to create military structures like barracks, walls, and towers, which are essential to maintaining your defenses. You can also gather critical resources through raids and through the skills that your people acquire, such as milling and mining. You can also build an alchemist’s structure. Please test this Throne rush hack and let us know if it is working or not.

Throne Rush also allows you to recruit troops and train them. That will give you even more power to defeat your enemies. Along the way, you can also upgrade all the buildings you have erected. Upgrading comes at a cost through in-app purchases of gems and gold. You can also capture gold from your enemies.

Soldiers and civilians aren’t the only characters featured in the game. You have a choice of adding 10 types of warriors to your armed forces. Those troops include common foot soldiers, along with more exotic characters like archers and wizards as well as dragons and other mythological creatures.

Users on Google Play give the game a 4.3-star rating based on 5 stars and more than 800,000 reviews. One player calls it a “great game” that is “very addictive” and “has a Lord of the Rings feel which I quite like.” Another player liked the characters: “They have these fighters called undying heroes. They are awesome!” Still another player called Throne Rush a “more realistic version of Clash of Clans.”

throne rush

On Facebook, Throne Rush has received more than 7.2 million likes. The game was also rated a Facebook Staff Favorite game in 2014. Players can find Throne Rush on Facebook at The Facebook page also features a Frequently Asked Questions page, where players can learn how to synch their game to other apps and what to do if the game freezes or lags. The FAQs also cover issues about buildings and upgrades, armies and warriors, and game features such as Mana and Crystal Shards. Players can find tips and tricks for Throne Rush on

The battles in Throne Rush happen in real time, so it has elements of the addictive social game. While some reviewers have compared Throne Rush to Clash of Clans, Throne Rush the adds the additional positive features of a larger scale and better graphics.

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

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Dear readers, do you remember the time – the exact time – you have first seen the Jurassic park? This blockbuster made a difference and in 1993 it was like a revelation for me. I do not want to know how many kids this movie inspired into becoming the Dino-man (understand archeologist). In any case, this movie had 2 sequels and there is the 4th being prepared. 1.5 year ago there was a 3D version released and it caused that I start to search internet to see if there is any good game out there, where I can build up my own Jurassic park from scratch. And I was lucky, there is and it is not bad at all – Jurassic park: Operation Genesis. So let me introduce you to your own Dino park builder, note: for advanced Dinosaur lovers.

CamarasaurusWhat can this game offer you more than any other tycoon game? Well dinosaurs. And danger ;) And research. But one by one. First of all, take the tutorial, where you will will be teach how to manage your new park. If you are the newbie in the tycoon games and never played one, be sure to not skip the tutorial, or you will be having a lot of problems as this genre can be pretty complex. Your goal is to make your new theme park with dinosaurs successful. And for this you need to build it up from scratch, build up buildings, security, think out how to present the dinosaurs to audience. And off course to be a good manager – your park can’t run out of money! And then you need dinosaurs, don’t you? And you need to manage the archeological digs to find fossils, then you need to research the genetic material and to create a dinosaur by playing a god :) Once you have it you need a suitable habitat for them, don’t combine the carnivore with herbivore. It usually don’t looks good for herbivore. But back to dinosaurs. To have better and bigger dinosaurs, it costs more money than smaller species.

Then there is a management side of the game. You choose the price for tickets, food, souvenirs, burger, dogs and for observation areas. And you need to spend money wisely and see needs of your customers – the visitors of the park. Next thing is security, you don’t need to be in the news to see that some carnivore escaped and ate your visitors. So make sure it will not happen. And that your visitors have the shelters where to hide in case of this events. Then don’t forget that the visitors are paying for healthy dinosaurs. So you are about to create a perfect eco-system as each dinosaur has it’s unique need. And that’s it. This game was even developed for Xbox and I read that the controlling of the game was on a high level and that the mouse and keyboard was not missing in the game. By the way this game was released 12 years ago – in 2003. Pretty good made for that year.

Shadow Fight 2 exploded onto the Android

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Shadow Fight 2 recently exploded onto the Android platform with a lot of momentum behind it. It was a success on the iOS platform, and phone gamers were eagerly awaiting its Android release. Well, we are happy to tell you it came to the droid with a bang, and with over 5,000,000 downloads within a couple of weeks, and over 10,000,000 to date we are happy to bring you a Shadow Fight 2 Android review. Here is the hack tool you might wanna try to use:

Part of the hook that entices gamers to give Shadow Fight a try is its price tag, it’s free. Free games can be a bit hit or miss sometimes, but this one is incredibly good value. You will literally end up playing this game for hours on end, and while there is the option to make in-game purchases it’s not mandatory.

Shadow fight 2

The game play revolves around you controlling a ninja character, you battle other characters in the arena, upgrade equipment, work on skills, level up, there are all the usual in-game progression methods, plus some extras thrown in. The gameplay is really smooth, the way the characters move is very ‘lifelike’, and the combat is really fun.

The graphics and sounds are very good by phone app game standards. There is a trend of games raising the bar on the expected quality of graphics, and Shadow Fight 2 more than holds its own. It also has a smooth and reactive control set-up. You use a toggle on the left side of the phone screen to control where your character moves, and there are a couple of buttons on the right side to kick and punch.

Mastering the combat is a skill in itself. This is not the kind of fighting game where you can get away with button smashing. You have to time your punches and kicks carefully to counter your opponents moves. The combat is more of a skillful challenge than an all out brawl, but that is definitely a plus. Combat games are much more satisfying when there is some thought and skill involved.

The only real downside to this game is the regenerating energy fight bar. Every time you fight you use one energy, and when you have run out you need to wait for it to regenerate. This has become a common feature with app games, it encourages you to spend cash to buy more energy. But it’s not the end of the world to wait a few minutes, you can always practice in the training area and sharpen your skills.

We hope you have enjoyed this Shadow Fight 2 Android review, and more so are enjoying the game. If you have not downloaded it yet, you should definitely give it a try, it is totally free with in-app purchases.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare restart of the series?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is particularly a superb campaign for single-players with its exosuit which mixes up the gameplay. It has been equipped with impressive jaw-dropping sequences with a predictable storyline. It is being the comeback of Call of Duty but if you think that it never went away then you are quite wrong at the point because with the previous versions, it showed slips in the scores as well as danger of stagnation. Call of Duty is back with its Advanced Warfare which still has hordes of fans and you might take a while to agree to the fact that you are among them.

Call of Duty hasn’t been changed with its Advanced Warfare whether it’s the linearity or the hipsters for mocking the series or its bombast, plot lines, marker approach and these really need to be mocked. If you liked playing Call of Duty with its previous versions of 2, 3 or Modern Warfare and its sequels then you would love Advanced Warfare. We cannot really say that the team has done something innovative or anything new with Advanced Warfare but it has been developed with a confidence. It is quite not the any man’s shooter but none cares when a dumb is filled with fun.


The Call of Duty games including all the sequences allow the gamers a chance for snuffing the enemies out from their campaigns but when it comes to Advanced Warfare, there is only one sequence associated with the same. With the games of Call of Duty, the future vision of its developers about the tech weapon is quite practical which is even informative as well as clean. All the games which are included in the series of Call of Duty differ in the actions including the riveting sequences as well as the diving capabilities.


Advanced Warfare throws off a bone to the players who are beginners as it came back with a Combat Readiness Program, i.e. a death-match between the teams without including the leader board as well as no kill-cams. This game is quite impressive as it is easily accessible and with a regular multiplayer it encounters quite well an option to newcomers. This game is provided with fantastic as well as impressive mode selection which includes the variants of bizarre military wherein teams fight against each other in order to gather a spherical drone.


In a particular way, we can say that Advanced Warfare just revitalized Call of Duty including the single-player campaign. With the release of this sequel, it is quite linear as well as an action game which spoon-fed but is a spectacular, big as well as bold. It is similar to a blockbuster action movie which provides the viewers with exceptionally the best thrilling performance and hurls them with a giant set-piece. This is not particularly for every gamer but this series does far better with its comeback as compared to other series.

Do you think that the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will really be the one we were waiting for to restart the whole series?

Looking Over Theme Hospital

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The hospital dark humour

Theme Hospital is a rather dark humoured hospital simulation game from the late 90s where you focus on building a hospital one room at a time, sectioning off areas for both sick patients and hard working staff, as well as keeping your patients healthy and your workers happy.
The afflictions troubling the different people who wander into your hospital range from baldness to fractured bones to severe radiation. And depending on what kind of special rooms you have set up and the equipment inside, your ability to treat these ailments will vary for better or for worse for your patient, making you wish you had really saved up to buy that new X-Ray machine! In order to take care of the sick and dying, you need to hire doctors, nurses, handy men and receptionists, making sure all of their needs are properly attended to as well as the patients’ needs, since they grow tired throughout the work day and will even quit if their jobs push them too much. And then you have to start looking to hire all over again.


Micromanagement is key to growing your business and keeping strong in Theme Hospital. So not only are there your patients and workers to have to worry about, you still have to manage the finer points of your growing operation, such as adjusting the temperature in the building and budgeting your finances to pay your surely exhausted staff and to buy new shiny equipment and fascinating technologies.
A classic sim game, Theme Hospital is entertaining and addictive to play and has been enjoyed by millions through the decades. If you have ever wanted to manage your own hospital or just be in charge its daily operations, now’s your chance by giving Theme Hospital a try!

And here is something that can help you to get into the game – video: